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Picture Credit: Northeast Shires (submitted on 2002-02-07)
Submitted by: Janet schank

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Birth Date: 1988-05-08 Sex: Stallion Color: BLACK
Deceased Date: 1997-02-27
Breeder: W. J. DAVIES
Owner: FRANK AND KATHLEEN WALKER (Show Previous Owners)


Black. Broad blaze curving well above eye level, narrowing just below eyes, dropping straight down to left nostril, joins white lip; small white patch between mandibles. Left fore white to top of knee, front and rear, dropping to mid knee in center. Right fore white to lower knee and upper knee behind, jagged line on outside. Left hind white to below hock in rear, sloping in an inverted V in front above hock. Right hind white to below hock in rear, sloping sharply upward to gaskin. No body markings.

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